KiteBuddy -- Kitesurfing Kite Launching and Landing Aid.. For BOW, SLE, Hybrid High-Depower Type Kites..
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The KiteBuddy offers a robust and reliable means to land and launch BOW/SLE type kites if/when there isn't anyone around to land or launch your kite..
Simply twist/"screw" the anchor into the sand/ground, rig kite, clip anchor carabineer onto control bar chicken-loop, proceed to kite, stand kite on one end at the edge of the wind window, verify kite is stable, run over to the bar, unhook from anchor/carabineer and hook (harness) into kite/leash and launch.. -Successful Solo Launch Complete..
For landing, simply walk to the anchor, bring kite down to the edge of the window/ground, let go of the bar, verify kite is stable, unhook from harness, hook into anchor carabineer, run to kite and secure.. --Successful Solo Landing Completed..
The anchor is solid resin filled and fiberglass reinforced --nylon climbing webbing, internal nylon rope, and metallic rings are tied/intertwined and permanently embedded into the resin/anchor ..This provides for a virtually unbreakable and super solid/strong configuration.. Has the feel of a solid "steel pipe.." Nothing to untie or come loose..
An extra large mountain climbing type Carabineer is attached via special nylon climbing style strap with mult stitching points, rubber insert, and anti chafe sleeve & flex potting compound at strap exit to prevent wear..
Both carabineer and strap are each individually rated to over 22kN (>4700lbs).
The Carabineer is Anodized Aluminum with SS hardware which together with nylon strap, composite materials, and overall makeup all offer substantial UV, salt water, abrasion, mildew, rot, etc resistance.. 
Carabineer design geometry allows for the load to be placed away from the gate, allowing for easy opening/access under load and also provides a wider opening for easy access (hooking in/out).. Gate hardware also prevents sand/contaminant fowling --allowing for smooth operation in the most demanding applications..
The KiteBuddy anchor provides a rock solid hold time after time when properly installed.. This combined with the Super Heavy Duty components and construction provide for an extremely reliable anchoring system..
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