Bravo BTP-12K Electric Kite Pump Analog Manometer - New Model

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New Bravo BTP12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump

*New Model, New Design -Heavy Duty Design/Components..

The BTP-12K Manometer is a super high quality electric automatic kite pump that is patented and specially designed for fast higher pressure inflation -Quality Designed in Italy by Scoprega which specializes in a wide array of performance pumps..

Truly amazing gadget -just hook up hose, set analog pressure dial to desired setting, press 'On' and a fully inflated kite can be waiting for you in less than a minute, thanks to the Bravo BTP-12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump.. (no pumping required, plus real time view of actual pressure via analog pressure gauge on main panel)

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One of the key unique factors to the Bravo BTP12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump is it's ability to automatically fill a kite to any set pressure up to 14.5psi(1bar) -this is done with a patented two stage system, where stage one quickly fills volume via turbine/fan, and stage two finishes to precision higher pressure via piston pump, then automatically shuts down when pressure is achieved.. The Bravo BTP-12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump is powered by a modular interchangeable 12V DC System, coming standard with Battery Terminal Clamps (Alligator Clips) to connect to 12V Car Battery or similar 12V Battery.

Optional Rechargeable 12V Lead Acid Gel or 12V Ni-Mh Cell(high power/efficiency) Battery Pack Kits available to make the Bravo BTP12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump completely self contained and portable.
(see selectable options/pricing below at bottom of listing)

No need for elaborate high pressure tanks, valves, cords, power supplies, etc.. This pump does it all in one handy super portable package, well designed and reliable, offering effort free kite filling -perfect for those with back issues, injuries, and/or just looking to save energy for kiting and having the latest "gadget" to make life easier..

New Model + Includes Modular/Removable Battery Clips for External 12V Battery Hook-Up
**(Battery Not included with standard model, rechargeable battery pack kits can be added in options at bottom of listing)..

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    WindBone BTP-12K Electric Kite Pump Package Comes Complete With:
    • BSTP12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump
    • Modular Interchangeable Battery Clamp (Alligator Clip) Lead Set
    • Padded Carry Case w/ Shoulder Strap & Mult Storage Pockets
    • Heavy Duty Hose + multiple fittings for range of valve sizes
    • Detailed Instructions
    • Bonus "Cash Back" WindBone Kiteboarding Coupon Codes
      -good towards new kite or board purchase)
    • Ready-To-Fill & Ride
Detail From Manufacturer:

Scoprega has designed specific versions of their two well-known electric inflation pumps for the kite market. It is now possible to inflate (in merely a few minutes) all kites directly on the beach thanks to these electric kite pumps equipped with 12V External Battery Leads or rechargeable batteries.
    • The pressure can be accurately set via the analog pressure setting dial and the pump stops automatically when the selected pressure has been reached.
    • Inflation Pressure can be monitored in real time via the analog pressure gauge on main panel.
    • Includes 9.8ft (3meter) 12V DC Power Cable with Battery Clamps (Alligator Clips) to conect to external 12V Power Source or Car Battery.
    • Includes 5.6ft (1.7meter)Inflation Tube complete with various couplings for common kite valves and inflatable boats/toys.
    • Includes Carry bag with shoulder strap and compartments to hold all the accessories.
    • Equipped with an intake filter for debris/sand protection which is easily accessible for cleaning or replacement.
    • Capable of inflation up to 14.5psi (1bar) and can also deflate.
    • Recommended for all kite size kites. It also works with small valves without the risk of STOP and GO. It is more rapid because it is equipped with 2 modules (turbine and pistons) with automatic change over to respective inflation stage.

Carry bag dimensions
(depth/width meas includes #" of pocket space that can compress):
#.#"x#"x#" (#.#x#x#.#cm)

#.#lbs (#.# kg)

12 V DC via included Cable with Battery Clamp Connectors
Battery Power Cable Length: 9.8ft (3meter)
Optional Battery Pack Kits Available below

Inflation or Deflation Modes
Turbine (High Volume Stage) - 450 l/min
Piston (High Pressure Stage)- 160 l/min

up to 14.5 psi (1bar)
Output Inflation Hose Length:
5.6ft (1.7meter)

Optional Battery Pack Kit Specs:

BTPKPB12V Lead Acid Gel Battery Pack Kit
- Modular Connector System (Plug-n-Play)
- Battery Pack Fits in BTP12K Case Side Zip Pocket
- Power Output: 12VDC
- Run Time: approx 20 Minutes
- Charge Time: approx 8 hours
- Life Cycles: approx 400
- Includes Matched 120VAC Charger
**Lead Acid Batteries are sensitive to depletion levels and must be kept fully charged to avoid life cycle reduction

BTPKPB12V Lead Acid Gel Battery Pack Kit

BTPKNI12V Ni-Mh High Power/Efficiency Battery Pack Kit
- Modular Connector System (Plug-n-Play)
- Battery Pack Fits in BTP12K Case Side Zip Pocket
- Power Output: 12VDC
- Run Time: approx 40 Minutes
- Charge Time: approx 10 hours
- Life Cycles: approx 800
- Includes Matched 120VAC Charger
**Ni-Mh Batteries offer double run time per charge and double life cycle usage, plus do not have sensitivity to charge levels or depletion

BTPKNI12V Ni-Mh Battery Pack Kit

Additional Pics:
(click on pics for added resolution and additional pics from gallery)

BSTP12K Kite Pump

BSTP12K Kite Pump

BSTP12K Kite Pump

BSTP12K Kite Pump

BSTP12K Kite Pump

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Bravo BTP12K Electric Kite Pump from WindBone Kiteboarding your Performance Kite Inflation Pump Specialists..

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Lead Acid Gel Battery Pack Kit (BTPKPB12V)

Ni-Mh High Power/Efficiency Battery Pack Kit (BTPKNI12V)
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