Closeout - New 2013 F-One Trax 136x41 Kiteboard Twintip

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Closeout New 2013 F-One Trax-8 Kiteboard.

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Board Size: 136 x 41
Board Color: Black/Red as in pic

**Board New/Complete with: Pads, Straps, Fins, Handle, and all hardware

Closeout New 2013 FOne Trax-8 Kiteboard
Retail New: $899.00

**Current sizes in stock: 136x41 (last one)

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2013 Fone Trax-8 Kiteboard, amazing performance - take your riding to the next level.

The 2013 F-One Trax Kiteboard is Fone's proven freestyle performer, with loads of pop, razor edging, soft landings, and ultra rugged quality construction.

Back for 2013, the Fone Trax-8 returns, better than ever to continue the Legacy of proven freestyle performance.

Ride the 2013 Fone Trax-8 and take your riding to new levels with amazing performance, comfort, and style

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FOne Trax-8 Kitesurfing Kiteboard 2013

The TRAX has always been the backbone of the F-ONE kiteboard range - with the TRAX-8 once again at the forefront of innovation both in terms of design and technology.

Key points of innovation on the 2013 F-One TRax-8:

★ Progressive double concave V-shape for very early planning and an excellent balance or up wind and speed.

★ An ideal rocker curve makes the 2013 Fone Trax-8 a highly versatile and high performance board. The TRAX 8 adapts to all conditions.

★ Variable core thicknesses through the length of the Trax-8 now allows for more flex to the tips.

★ Unique deck construction comprised of a 3D CNC machined cross section within the wood core and layered with carbon to provide an ideal balance of weight, stiffness, and flex.

When riding the 2013 F-One Trax-8 Kiteboard, the board provides unmatched levels of control and comfort. The Trax-8 reacts fast, amazing edging grip for direct and effortless jumps.

The 2013 Fone Trax-8 is extremely effective on the water, it is light, responsive, and stable. Even though the Trax is geared toward freestyle, the TRAX 8 still offers a wide operating range where it excels in all kiteboarding disciplines for a great board to grow with.

2013 Fone Trax-8 Kiteboard
2013 Fone Trax-8 Feature Technology Highlights:

Twist Carbon Control - The Twist Control, or Twist Carbon Control on certain models, allows to manage the board’s twist and transversal reactivity. Depending on the model, this cross-shaped structure is either an add-on or cnc-machined directly into the mass of the wood core. Using it is also a guarantee of a better control whatever the water conditions. TC & TCC can also optimize the ratio weight/rigidity and weight/reactivity.

V Double Concave - The V shape you can find on the TRAX is variable along the board. Smaller in the center, the V double concave is at its max under the feet, and eventually disappear at the tips.

Direct Drive - The Direct Drive technology is present on our boards since 2001, and refers to a board with minimal thickness, a 100% wood core and a 100% fiberglass envelope. These interlocking elements meet the F-ONE standards for a kite board and provide maximum durability. The Direct Drive translate into a precise board, quick and active as it erases the flaws of the water surface, collecting its energy and giving it back for the best performance. The feeling of riding a rock solid board always in contact with the water without suffering from it is even greater.

Dynamic Flex - Flexibility and impact absorption are synonymous with comfort; however comfort does not mean sacrificing control and performance. It is difficult to reach this compromise, and this is the main reason behind the development of the Dynamic Flex, which can absorb the chop, without compromising the control and edging.

Wood Core - The wood forms the heart of your board and gives it most of its mechanical properties: strength, flex and resilience (ability to return to its original shape). Each year, in order to master these properties, we seek to optimize its distribution, particularly in terms of thickness.

Unibox - The patented UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins have a radical effect: the asymmetrical profile improves the general ride and early planning. However, it is the flex of the RESPONSE fins that gives amazing rail-grip as well as pop and forgiveness on heavy freestyle landings. The fins actually twist under pressure which alleviates pressure at the same time as keeping control.

Platinium Pro Pads - One of the most technologically advanced and comfortable combo Strap / Pad on the market.

The 2013 Fone Trax-8 Kiteboard comes complete with: F-One Pro Platinum Adjustable Footpads, F-One Ergonomic Straplock Footstraps, 5cm Fins with Leash Bar, and Standard Grab Handle

Sizes: 132x39; 134x40; 136x41; 138x42

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2013 Fone Trax-8 Kiteboard

The 2013 FOne Trax-8 Kiteboard is equipped with the super comfortable & snug Platinum Pro Pad & Strap System, offering an amazing grip, fit, comfort, and a "connected" feel to the board..

2013 Fone Trax-8 Kiteboard Platinum Pro Pad Strap Set

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2013 F-One Trax 8 Kiteboard Detailed Pics
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2013 Fone Trax-8 Kiteboard

2013 F-One Trax 8 Kiteboard

2013 Fone Trax-8 Videos (click/play below to view video):

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2013 F-One Trax-8 Kiteboard from WindBone Kiteboarding your Authorized F-One Dealer Specialists.

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