2015 Mystic Golf Bag Pro 150 Kiteboarding Gear Travel Bag


2015 Mystic Golf Bag Pro

The latest in top quality "Deceiver" type "Golf" Kitesurfing Gear Bags.. Save Hundreds of dollars in potential airline fee charges by flying under the radar as "golf" Gear..

Looks like a Golf Bag, yet is just slightly longer/wider enough to fit a couple boards, multiple kites, harness, bar, etc..

The Mystic GolfBag Pro Kitesurfing Gear Golf Bag is a Must have for the Kiteboarding Traveler.. and Mystic's brings the latest technology with vacuum compression bags, replaceable zipper pull, and super high quality to the game -adding unmatched durability, function, & style in comparison to some of the other brands available..

New, Mystic Golf Bag Pro Kiteboarding Gear Bag with Wheels. Deceiver Golf Bag Style - Avoid Airline Fees by transporting gear under guise of "Golf" Bag. Complete with x2 Gear Vacuum Bags, Vacuum Pump, and extra zipper pull.

Ultra Top Quality Kitesurfing "Golf" Gear Bag from Mystic Kiteboarding.

**Color: Black - Size: 150 x 45 x 40 (cm)

Mystic Kiteboarding Golfbag Pro - The Perfect Kiteboarding Travel Bag to carry all your Kitesurfing Gear on trips locally and abroad.. also great for storing your gear.. Mystic went all out in creating the perfect kiteboarding travel 'golf' bag, from included vacuum bags/pump, ventilation port, PVC Reinforcement, Replaceable zipper pull, Cinch Straps, x3 Handles, and more.. Mystic really thought of the all in creating the all new Golf Bag Pro..
    Mystic Golf Bag Pro 2015:
    • PVC coated 600D polyester
    • Heavy Duty Smooth Rolling Wheels
    • Secure straps on inside and outside
    • Air ventilation patch
    • Durable, high density protective PVC bottom with padding
    • PVC reinforced sidewalls
    • Double ‘tight up’ straps
    • Shoulder strap
    • 3 Neoprene carry or pull handles
    • Plastic PK zip
    • Replaceable puller system, one spare puller
    • Easy handling
    • vacuum bags and pump Terry cotton fabric
    • Easy Handling
    • Easily Fit Multiple Boards, Kiites, Harness, Control Bad, Extras, etc..
    Included Bonus Travel Accessory:
    • x2 Vacuum Bags Plus Hand Pump
      *Vacuum Bag Size: 100x70cm
      *Put your soft goods inside the Vacuum Bags so you have some more space for your surf gear. There is a small pump included with the bags but you also you can put your kite pump on the valve to speed up the process. Make sure not to overfill the bag though, it needs some space at the end to close it correctly.
The Mystic Golfbag Pro Takes Kiteboarding Travel Gear Bags to new Levels:

Color: Black
Size: 150 x 45 x 40 cm
Weight: 4.4 kg

The Mystic Golfbag Pro can fit up to 3 kites (including bar and lines, up to 14m˛), 1 board and 6 different accessories, such as wetsuits, harnesses and leashes

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2015 Mystic GolfBag Pro from WindBone Kiteboarding from WindBone Kiteboarding
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