Beginner Kitesurfing Water Lesson Full Day - Phase2 via boat

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Beginner NJ Kitesurfing Lesson; Full Day Lesson Phase2 (via boat to island location in Barnegat Bay, NJ)..

Includes boat trip to shallow bay island location, 4-6 hours instruction, gear use, plus additional solo practice time as available..

Optimum Island/Shallow-Water location allows direct & speedy progression into advanced "next-level" exercises once prior levels completed.

Beginner Water Kitesurfing Lesson Phase-2:
Phase-2 is our kitesurfing beginner water lesson stage, here we basically take our foundation taught in Phase 1 and fully move into the water. Phase 2 covers water entry / exit, safety systems, self-rescue pack-down, water relaunch, body dragging, board starts, board retrieval, and all the way to up & riding on the board.. (*Phase 3 topics also possible to cover depending on student rate of progression and time allotment)

**levels covered/achieved will vary and depend on each student's progress levels/abilities..

**No more than two students per instructor paired at same lesson stage/level..

Lessons beyond the Phase 2 Water Stage (i.e. Consistent Riding both directions, Speed Control, Riding up Wind, Transitions, Jumps, etc.. are structured in the same manner above at Bay Island location via boat ..and all lessons are adapted to individual needs/abilities of student (automatic progression into next levels will occur once student progresses beyond respective lesson level, all lessons based on remaining lesson time and student ability, not simply lesson stage/package purchased)..

Phase 2 -Beginner Water: WindBone Kitesurfing Lesson Water Hands-On Stage 2:

Kitesurfing Water Lesson Phase 2 will have a focus of hands-on activities out in the water -This stage will be a bit more demanding on the student and progression / advancement through each stage will vary greatly depending on each student's abilities. (We'll work to get you up and riding in the safest & fastest time possible, but again individual learning time can vary)

With our unique teaching methods and location, we are literally "with" you each step of the way to ensure the fastest and safest learning time possible..

**All proper kitesurfing gear included with lessons (Kite, Control Bars, Harness, Helmet, Flotation Vest, and Kiteboards included -personal apparel such as wetsuits, booties, etc not included). Free boat trip to prime learning spot also included..

IKO Certification, Phase 2 will cover IKO Intermediate Kiteboarding Certification Program Levels 2F through 2I. -An IKO Certification Card will be issued to student at end of lesson(s) and respective rating level issued based on student progress level.

**Phase 2 (Beginner Water) Kitesurfing Lesson Water Hands-On Stage 2 is intended for those with a solid knowledge foundation of basic kitesurfing theory & safety practices, with mastered kite control, but not yet up and riding in both directions. (The basics are always evaluated with each new student and adjustment to proper level or topics covered will be made to lesson plan accordingly)

**Phase 2 also a good starting point for individuals who have taken lessons from other schools or location and have a solid foundation, where we can evaluate and move quickly through the basics depending on student level and get to the water quickly..

Our Unique NJ Island Bay Location (boat access only) offers the absolute best conditions for learning which is half the battle.. No need to battle pounding surf, inconsistent winds, large chop, crowds, dangerous obstacles, wind shadows, etc.. Our kite island bay location offers consistent clean unobstructed winds, shallow flat water, no crowds, enhanced wind odds, and more..

**Plus our full day island lesson option is equivalent to 2-4+ individual lessons compared to most school/lesson offerings.. Our full lesson day is a complete immersion Kitesurfing Experience to fast forward your learning experience..

***Plus, one full day with us in our ideal locations/conditions can equal days, weeks, or even months of lessons in sub par conditions.. Fast forward your Kitesurfing Knowledge & Abilities to the next level today with WindBone Kiteboarding..

- All Lessons are provided by IKO Certified Instructor, Includes IKO Student Handbook, and IKO Member/Level Card is issued at end of lesson stage (IKO Card validates/certifies student level achievement and allows for international kiteboarding level recognition for gear rental, insurance, etc..)

- island/water location allows direct progression into water exercises and/or next levels once prior levels completed)

- we can also offer discount/bundled lesson packages accordingly.. Contact Us for additional details/requests..


- Lessons are available on a daily basis (dependent upon wind/forecast for respective lesson stages), our boat is in the water for the season down in Waretown, NJ and we are fully operational --just may yet need a wetsuit for water/boat access lessons..

- Scheduling for lessons depends on booking order and wind/forecast with daily options.. Once a lesson option/package is purchased, student is placed into the queue for next available windy lesson day ..weekend bookings can back up a few weeks or more in the peak summer months, where weekday bookings/wind tend to offer a bit more flexibility if one has a flexible schedule..

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