Boardworks BadFish MCIT Inflatable SUP 10-6 Blue + Kite

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New Blue, Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable 10'-6" SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Plus Kite Kit (Board Color: Blue).

The 10-6 Boardworks BadFish MCIT Inflatable SUP is is the most stable performance oriented inflatable SUP available, hands down..

New Materials/Construction, New Ultra High Pressure Slim Line Chamber Hand Pump, New Easy Wrap Style Back-Pack Carry Bag (effortless storage)

The Boardworks Badfish 10'-6" MCIT SUP Stand Up Paddle Board provides unreal stability, performance, and function -with patented MCIT (Multi-Chamber Inflatable Technology), plus patented high density drop stitch technology, the Boardworks Badfish SUP Is the most rigid and most stable performance inflatable SUP possible (simply amazing how rigid, stable, & agile the Boardworks Badfish is)..

CX 1.5M Free Kite

Includes CX 1.5M Control Strap Kite: High Quality 1.5 Meter Foil Kite complete with Control Straps, Lines, and Carry Bag (land use only). Full Featured 2-Line Control Strap Open Cell Foil Kite, Quality CX European Brand.

This 10'-6" Boardworks BadFish MCIT Inflatable SUP Kit Includes Bonus Free Foil Kite (High Quality CX 1.5M Control Strap Foil Kite)

**Ships From USA - Authorized USA Boardworks Dealer Shop - Genuine Boardworks SUP Paddleboard (No Unauthorized Low Quality Overseas Clone Counterfeit Imitations) - Full Boardworks USA Factory Warranty Support within USA

Try the Boardworks BadFish MCIT Inflatable SUP today.. Local Demos Available!!

10'-6" Boardworks BadFish MCIT Inflatable SUP Ships Free within Continental USA..

The Boardworks BadFish MCIT 10'-6" SUP Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) offers Unmatched Quality, Construction, Durability, and Performance from a US Based brand you can trust - Boardworks.. Not to be confused with no-name, low quality "knock-off" imitations, or brands that do not have experience in the Surf/Paddle/SUP realm.. Boardworks is Surf and SUP, period -this is a "real" Stand Up Paddle Board designed by SUP/Surf Board Experts..

Boardworks Badfish 10-6 MCIT Inflatable SUP

Boardworks, a market leader in the standup paddleboard (SUP) industry, has released a new game-changing inflatable SUP to lead the market in terms of performance and stability -The Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP

With the revolutionary patented innovation of Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology (MCIT) and the Axially Stabilizing Apparatus, Boardworks has challenged the design constraints of existing drop-stitch inflatable SUP technology to create a superior SUP board with tapered rails, enhanced rigidity, and amazing performance. The result is the Boardworks Badfish New Revolutionary MCIT Inflatable SUP.

Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP Feature Highlights:

TAPERED RAILS - The MCIT SUP is the only inflatable SUP with tapered rails which enables it to be stable in the right spots and nimble in the tail for better performance.

LOWERED DECK - The rigid drop stitch deck sits below the rail height lowering the paddlers center of gravity resulting in excellent secondary stability. This is crucial for river paddling.

I BEAM STIFFENING SYSTEM - Functions like a stringer in a foam blank, the I Beam Stiffening System significantly increases longitudinal rigidity.

BUMPER BOW - The tough cone bow adds extra impact protection for rocks, docks and other hard surfaces.

Complete Package - The Boardworks Badfish (MCIT) includes backpack, high volume pump, an in line pressure gauge, and a color matched rubber patch kit. Comes with rubber side bites and removable center fin.

“Conventional drop-stitch material construction which is used by the leading inflatable SUP manufacturers, has a consistent thickness, limiting design variations to outline shape and rocker curve,” says designer Phil Rainey. “Our new technology lets us create design elements previously only possible in hard boards including tapered rails which increase responsiveness and stability.” Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP I-Beam Stiffening System is another design innovation, he adds, that greatly boosts rigidity.

These features and more make the Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP the perfect choice for all levels of SUP paddlers, from beginners and surfers to fitness paddlers and river runners. It’s also perfect for instructional programs, combining ease of storage and transport with stability, safety and durability.

With its superior rigidity and stability, the Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP is opening the doors to the world of river SUP..

“Because of their durability, ease of storage, and transport benefits, Inflatable boards are popular for river use, but until now they have required sacrifices in stability and performance,” says Badfish co-owner Mike Harvey, who helped design the board with partner Zack Hughes and the Boardworks’ design team. “The new Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP is the most stable inflatable in whitewater by a large margin, yet incredibly nimble and downright fun to paddle. It does nearly everything that make the Badfish MVP hard board a great river runner.”

Perhaps its best feature, he adds, is the board’s secondary stability. “You can lean it over on edge to make eddy turns and the rails don’t grab, which is a critical feature for river SUP boards,” Harvey says, adding, “It also has three air chambers compared to one in conventional inflatable SUPs. It also punches holes and surfs waves well. We’re proud to have it in our Badfish line.”

The Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP line is comprised of 9’0” and 10’6” models.
    Specifications - Boardworks Badfish MCIT 10'6" Inflatable SUP:
    • Height: 10'6"
    • Width: 35"
    • Deck Thickness: 4"
    • Rail Thickness: 5.5"
    • Fins: x2 Rubber Side Fins + x1 Removable Center Fin
    • Recommended Size and Ability 10'6":
      • Novice: up to 225lbs
      • Intermediate: up to 250lbs
      • Advanced: Up to 275lbs
    Boardworks Badfish MCIT 10'6" Inflatable SUP Package Includes:
    • New Model Package and Accessories
    • All New Heavy Duty Slim Line Chamber Ultra High Pressure Pump with Attachments and Pressure Gauge
    • Two Mini Rubber Side Fins
    • Large Removable Center Fin
    • All New Easy Wrap Style Back Pack Carry Bag
    • Color Matched Repair Kit
    • BONUS: Free Kite Included
      Includes CX 1.5M Foil Control Strap Kite (land use only)

Boardworks Badfish MCIT Promo/Detail Videos:
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Detailed Bordworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP Pics:
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2016 Boardworks Badfish MCIT Board Only Yellow Colors

2016 Boardworks Badfish Colors

FREE CX 1.5M Kite

2016 Boardworks Badfish Wrap Back Pack

2016 Boardworks Badfish MCIT Yellow Demo

2016 Boardworks Badfish MCIT Yellow Demo Bottom


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Boardworks Badfish MCIT 10'-6" Blue Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP with FREE Kite from WindBone Kiteboarding your Boardworks Specialists..

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