RRD Global Bar Replacement Rigid Flying Line Set V3 V4 V5


OEM RRD Global Bar Replacement Rigid Flying Line Set. (Compatible with RRD Global Bar 2011-2013 V3, V4, & V5)

New Replacement RRD Global Bar Rigid Flying Line Set..

Original RRD Global Bar Factory Replacement Rigid Flying Line Set assembly compatible with 2011 to 2013 RRD Global Bar V3, V4 & V5 RRD Global Control Bars..

The RRD Rigid Thread Kite Lines are an exclusive product developed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for RRD. These new revolutionary lines are made with: an inner uninterrupted unidirectional pure dyneema fiber core, covered by a pure dyneema 30 woven fabric sheath. The combination of these two styles of weaving the fabrics allows for an unmatched low stretch factor of the lines reduced by 85% compared to classic flying lines.

The Rigid Thread lines allow the kite to be faster in the turns, allowing for quicker transfer of power from kite to board resulting in more response and better handling of the kite in any conditions. The reduced stretching factor of these lines will allow a perfect trim of your kite over time without the need to re-adjust your front lines!

No stretch, better kiteboarding!

OEM RRD Global Bar Rigid Flying Line Set for 2011, 2012, & 2013 V3, V4, & V5 RRD Global Control Bar models..

**This is the complete Rigid FLying Line Set as pictured. includes factory pig tail ends for drop in replacement. Lines with pigtail ends only.

    Line Set Package includes:
    • 4 x 23 meter Rigid Thread lines (Front and Center Line Pairs)
    • Lines complete with factory spliced OEM pigtail ends
    • Inner uninterrupted unidirectional pure dyneema fibers covered by a pure dyneema 30 woven fabrics.
    • 85% less stretch compared to classic flying lines
    • kite will turn faster
    • improved handling of the kite in any conditions
    • no need to re-adjust front lines due to reduced stretch factor

Full line of replacement parts available for HQ, Sensei, RRD, CrazyFly, Epic, etc.. Please Contact Us for inquiries, pricing, and availability..

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RRD Global Control Bar Parts

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RRD Global Control Bar Replacement Parts from WindBone Kiteboarding your RRD Specialists..

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