2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar, Lines, & Leash Set


2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar, Lines, and Leash Set -the ultimate evolution in Performance, Safety, & Function gets some new refinements.

The new RRD GLOBAL Bar V6 has been further enhanced and simplified building on the award winding 2012 V3/V4/V5 Global Bar Systems..

The 2014 RRD Global Bar V6 is the bar that sets the standard in what a kiteboarding control bar should be -Safe, Simple, Robust, & Reliable..

2014 RRD Global Control Bar V6 -What's New:

The 2014 RRD Global Control Bar V6 carries over all the best features of the 2013 V5 Global Control Bar, and is essentially the same great bar with a few new refinements for 2014.

The new 2014 RRD Global Control Bar V6 has been updated with a new chicken loop safety leash connection, capable of being converted to a standard or 'suicide' leash connection from a single leash connection point -the two separate leash connection ring system from prior bar versions was removed and replaced by this new single convertible system.

2014 RRD Global Bar V6 - Simple - functional - Safe - Durable

The version 6 of a great bar with a great history of performance and reliability. RRD has taken out any unnecessary items instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply put : “you cannot break what does not exist”. A bar is your cockpit in the water, not on the road or inside an airlplane. Everything must be there at your fingertips and must work instantly when you really need it. No marketing gimmicks, No 3D videos to impress you behind the screen of a computer. A simple bar that works, works everyday, and works for a long time.
    2014 RRD Global Bar V6 - Features:
    • - Composite Glass/Carbon Bar with hand sanded soft grip. Diecut graphic colors that do not fade in the sun.

    • - Rubber covered side caps to improve side grip and avoid damage
    • - Bar width adjuster.
- Double chamber hollow tube for de-power rope and safety line.

    • - Original Clamcleat™, not just another copy. 

    • - 2 PARTS ONLY chicken loop safety release system. 

    • - No rust and corrosion damage, EASY to reassemble! 

    • - Rotoring system with “Iglidur” washers to untwist lines.

    • - Safety leash ring attachment, convertible into HP suicide leash. 

    • - Industry reference exclusive 23 mts RIGID THREAD LINES, never stretch. Never loose trim
Key Highlights of the 2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar:

All new for the 2014 RRD Global Control Bar V6 allowing for a single and easy safety leash connection, easily convertible to standard leash mode or "Suicide" Leash mode through a single leash connection point. The roatating head system also allows an easier untwisting movement for the front lines.

The RRD Global Control Bar V6 incorporates a great innovation in terms of safety by keeping the de-power rope clean and protected. Both the depower rope and the safety line are running inside a dual chamber tube that protects these two basic lines. No more tangling around, it's all clean and safe!

In order to avoid the problem of having excess dangling of the de-power trim rope hanging around, RRD has added an elastic bungee inside the spectra rope on the RRD Global Control Bar V6 that allows you to reduce the excess depower line and shorten it up to 50% of the usable stretched out length. Same functionality, with no rope in your way!

The RRD Global Control Bar V6 incorporates a proven flawlessly functional design for its molded chicken loop part (no steel mechanical parts to corrode or break). Ergonomically conceived, it is compact and complete with all features, clean and precise. Very easy to be released and remounted with one hand.

At the heart of the RRD Global Control Bar V6 is an exclusive product developed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for RRD. These new revolutionary lines are made with: an inner uninterrupted unidirectional pure dyneema fibers, covered by pure dyneema 30° woven fibers. The combination of these two styles of weaving multiple fibers allow achievement of an unmatched low stretch factor -where stretch factor is reduced by 85% compared to classic flying lines. The Rigid Thread lines also allow the kite to be faster in the turns, to quicker transfer the power of the kite to the board resulting in more response and better handling of the kite in all conditions. The reduced stretching factor of these lines will allow a perfect trim of your kite over time without the need to re-adjust your front lines! No stretch, better kiteboarding!

Offers loads of grip wet or dry with unmatched wear resistance

Oversized center hole with rounded polished beveled edges for effortless bar center-line sliding in any position or angle.

Bright and vivid Red/Blue color coding on bar, bar ends, and floats for easy left / right reference.

Adjustment knot pigtails through bar end caps allow bar length adjustment of +/- 8cm.

Try it before you buy it -and become a believer.. Local Demos Available!!

Ships Free within Continental USA..

2014 RRD Global Control Bar V6

    • 2014 RRD Global Control Bar V6 Complete
    • RRD Releasable Safety Leash
    • Ready to Ride
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2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar Brocure

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2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar

2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar Chick Loop Rotating Head

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2014 RRD V6 Global Control Bar/Line/Leash Set from WindBone Kiteboarding your Authorized RRD Specialists.

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