2014 F-One Bandit-7 Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kite B7

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2014 F-One Bandit-7 Kitesurfing Kite -the amazing F-One Patented Delta C-Shape performer continues into 2014 V7 with all new improvements taking the Bandit7 to the next level.

The F-One Bandit7 effortlessly does it all: Freestyle, Freeride, Wakestyle, Surf, and all-around top performance.. and the F-One Bandit legacy has established a proven reputation of Amazing Performance, Quality, & Durability that simply can't be beat.

The 2014 F-One Bandit-7 offers amazingly well rounded performance characteristics, crisp responsiveness, sooth predictability, amazing direct bar feedback, awesome range, heaps of power yet with amble depower, loads of boosting hang time, power through turns, etc.. The 2014 F-One Bandit7 is the top choice in performance, quality, style, & reliability -Returning for 2014 to set the bar even higher for the 2014 Season..

The F-One Bandit again wins 'Best Kitesurfing Kite of the Year' (claiming the title for two years back-to back winning for 2013 and 2012) in an unbiased readers poll from Ksurf International Magazine. -You Have to Try This kite!
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F-One Bandit-7

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2014 F-One Bandit 7 Logo
2014 F-One Bandit 7 -Overview

Based on the stand alone patented F-ONE DELTA C-SHAPE design, the 2014 F-One BANDIT 7 continues to fit perfectly in the BANDIT legacy of amazing do it all performance. It's complex and demanding performance criteria were respected in each aspect and for every kiteboarding discipline. This allowed F-One to maintain the qualities previously acquired while implementing new ones.

2014 F-One Bandit 7 -What's New:

F-One is proud to present the new 2014 BANDIT-7. F-One has outmatched the Bandit yet again and you will simply be blown away.

The new 2014 F-One BANDIT-7 keeps its legendary power with an improved depower, provides a high end control and comfort yet unheard of, offers exceptional bar feeling with ultra direct steering, achieves impressive hang time and flight capacity, as well as many different qualities that will transfer well into your favorite discipline.

For 2014, riders of the 2014 Fone Bandit7 will be amazed by the new feeling to be in direct connection with your kite, as if you were steering it directly from your hands. Riders will feel more confident just like if you had suddenly reached a pro level. The whole kite profile is more stable, all parasitic movements have been cleaned off and all sensations and feedback are much clearer.

Also new on the F-One Bandit7 for 2014, F-One has significantly reduced lateral traction without compromising the available power for early planning, and this has made the kite less physical to ride. The net result is that riders will have more control on your board to carve and edge. To get such significant improvements, F-One has upgraded the fabric on the Bandit7 to the double rip-stop TECHNOFORCE from TEIJIN. This new material brings superior wearing strength and better control of the profiles in flight thanks to its added stability.

Clearly, no stones were left unturned and with a rigorous design approach F-One's has been able to further refine the BANDIT shape. A devoted and efficient R&D and testing team, more than 80 prototypes tested, a new fabric, complete redefining of the design with deeper analysis.... The new 2014 F-One Bandit 7is the result of some extensive team work and a lot of passion to offer riders a kite that will deliver exceptional sensations every session.

2014 F-One Bandit 7 -Technology Highlights

TECHNOFORCE Double Ripstop Fabric: All New super high density fabric with a tear stopping structure using thin and high tension yarn. Unmatched strength, durability, and light weight performance.

Flat Sewing: Stronger assembly of panels, seams are glued and sewn together to make the canopy more rip resistant.

Vertical Cut Batten: The Bandit 6 struts are designed with a vertical cut in order to optimize the strength/diameter ratio.

Profile Leading Edge End Tips: The leading edge tips are profiled and have a reduced diameter to avoid any bridles tangling and drag effect.

Kite Tuning: 2 different positions for back lines. Front: More bar pressure / slower turning kite. Back: Lighter bar pressure / faster turning kite.

One-Pump System: Effortless and reliable single access point inflation for fastest inflation and setup time.

Extra Deflate Valve on the Center Strut: Makes packing the kite easier and faster with oen-pump systems.

One Pump Collar Valve: Easier to remove and put back and practical during bladder replacement

Canopy Reinforcement: DACRON reinforcements added to high friction zones to strengthen and reduce wear.

Kevlar Reinforcement on Leading Edge: Most seams on the leading edge are now reinforced with Kevlar to prevent the seams from deteriorating on aggressive ground friction.

F-One Unique Heavy Duty Pulleys: Extremely heavy duty custom pulley design, larger surface area and even force distribution to reduce line wear and increase performance.

2014 F-One Bandit-7 Sizes: 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 14

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2014 F-One Bandit-7

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2014 F-One Bandit7 Kitesurfing Kite Reviews:
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2014 F-One Bandit-7 Detailed Pics
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2014 F-One Bandit-7

2014 F-One Bandit-7

2014 F-One Bandit-7

2014 F-One B7 Monolith Control Bar:
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2014 F-One Bandit-7 Monolith Bar

2014 FOne Bandit7 Videos
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