2009 RRD Global Bar

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Global Bar 2009, “One bar for all 2009 kites”.

Bar: The new GLOBAL bar is composed of 3 pieces: on the sides you have a carbon prepreg tube including the roll-up line horns built in one monocoque piece. The center piece is made with one aluminium block, polished on the inside to improve sliding ability of the de-power rope and become an ever lasting piece. (The new GLOBAL bar is slightly wider compared to the 2008. This allows better turning speed on big size kites.)

Side Adjustments: The side lines are pre-attached to the bar through short spectra ropes with 3 knots. You can trim the back line length to your desired size and the cover the knots with the new soft superlite side-floater. You can also adjust the bar width by changing the leader line attachment point.

Color Code: The blue on the right and red on the left is printed onto the new 3d logo EVA grip as well as on the leader lines, covered by a plastic tube to prevent abrasions. Safety meets functionality and look.

Swivel Chicken Loop: The long tested exclusive swivel chicken loop has been slightly improved, by extending it 2 cms. The new stopper ball has been improved with a bigger diameter. Alltogether a hardcore, functional, strong and reliable piece!

Clam Cleat Puller: A new webbing puller with a big, easy to grab puller loop has been fixed onto the end of the 6 mms spectra rope, to improve easy trimming and releasing of the rope. When the trim is pulled all the way, the exceeding spectra rope can be fixed behind the cleat by a Velcro attachment, so that it stays in place without swinging around.

Safety Line: The new 2 mms safety line has been improved by using a bigger and stronger elastic rope that does not overextend, creating a ready-to-use, practical safety system to use in any critical condition.

Flying Lines: Using a new color coded 25 mts flying lines with reinforced spectra material has allowed the GLOBAL bar to have the best of all packages available!

Front Lines Adjustment: The only system in the industry that allows to re-trim the front lines from natural stretching. You know that after a few hours of kiting the front lines start to stretch, and in exceptional cases during heavy loads, the front lines can stretch up to 20 cms! The only way to re-trim you kite to the original proper trim is to shorten the front lines. The 4 knots above the de-power cleat allow you to re-adjust the length of the front lines up to 20cms. This is the only way to have a kite always perfectly trimmed!

Velcro Fixer: A velcro pocket behind the cleat allows to hold the exceeding de-power rope and prevents it from tangling around the side line while kiting.

Longer De-Power Rope: The spectra rope has been extended of 10 cms comapred to last year, allowing complete de-power-abiility in case of emergency.

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