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The 2016 Crazyfly Sculp is CF's high performance kite that also offers unmatched stability and control making the Sculp suitable for all typs of riders from beginner to pro..

New and improved for 2016 from shaping to details, the new 2016 Crazyfly Sculp performs exceptionally well as an all-round freeride and freestyle kite.

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Built around a widely popular Flat-Delta platform, the 2016 CrazyFly Sculp is smooth and predictable in the air with progressive power delivery through the bar’s range of motion. Due to a new bridle system and rock solid construction, the Sculp has a very direct feel and persistent stability. The ease of use is unbelievable, leaving even the most particular riders feeling right at home in no time. Sticking to the CrazyFly Tradition of producing high quality products, CrazyFly sourced only the highest quality Dacron from Germany and Ripstop from Japan for the construction of the 2016 model.

2016 CrazyFly Sculp Kite

The 2016 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range.

With a re-designed shape the 2016 CrazyFly Sculp delivers more hang-time and power, while sticking to its core values. The Flat-Delta shapes makes it incredibly smooth, stable and predictable in the air, with progressive power delivery. Precise turning and easy control make it an extremely user friendly kite to fly.

Push it harder and the 2016 Crazyfly Sculp will deliver. Clear-cut kiteloops and floaty boosts make it ideal for riders progressing into freestyle. Riders learning new tricks will also appreciate Sculp?s easy relaunch.

The Sculp works best with the CrazyFly Sick bar. The first and only bar on the market made 100% in Europe in the CrazyFly factory.

The 2016 CrazyFly Sculp is your new weapon for ultimate performance in an all-round kite.

As with all CrazyFly products, the Sculp demonstrates the highest standards of quality both in materials and manufacture. It’s the perfect combination of great value, high quality and performance at a fantastic price.

2016 CrazyFly Sculp Technical Highlights :

The construction of the 2016 Sculp has been completely changed. The canopy is now made from Double Ripstop for improved rigidity and long lasting durability. The transitions between heavy duty Dacron base and the canopy are in round shapes, rather than sharp angles and straight lines, to spread tension more evenly. Weight has been reduced by 10% even though the kite is stronger. Everything is topped with custom, bright, neon colors exclusively developed and made for CrazyFly.

Double Ripstop CrazyFly Kites Double Ripstop
Lasting Durability, Tear Resistant. The most technologically advanced ripstop material for a kite canopy. This high density polyester yarn provides for ultra light weight, high tearing strength and long lasting durability.

Flat Delta Shape CrazyFly Flat Delta Shape
Widely Popular Allround Shape. Originally designed by CrazyFly for top performance user friendly kites with automatic relaunch, wide wind range and comfortable flight. Flat Delta includes advantages of the traditional Delta shape, but Flat Delta offers more speed due to higher aspect ratio.

3 Struts Design
Reduces Weight, Increases Performance. Reduces the weight of the kite and increases performance. Due to the shape and high quality of materials the kite is strong enough even with 3 struts only.

Simplicity with all necessities. Instant control and easy relaunch even with four lines due to the shape of the kite. Much easier set up on the beach, less tangles, and less problems in the water in emergency situations.

Supported leading edge – is the usage of more line connections (bridle system) to support the leading edge, evenly spread power, increase flight stability and ease the relaunch. The SLE system keeps the kite in its designated shape when powered and during maneuvers.

We have been hard at work to develop our own bulletproof one pump valves and the results speak for itself. The valves are made from the highest quality material available and are manufactured in Europe. These valves are a synonym to long lasting durability. With the new one pump valves the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the kite. They also allow for quicker and easier inflation and deflation.

This year, we introduced a brand new Turbo inflate/deflate valve. Inflation and deflation of the kite are made through the same valve. The kite is fully inflated and deflated in seconds. The set ups and pack downs on the beach are shorter, allowing for longer and much more enjoyable kite sessions.

The Bat shape of the trailing edge minimizes flutter and stretches the kite canopy nicely all the way. Double Layer of Marcloth on the trailing edge ensures long life of the kite.

Learning from the airplane and wing design industry we came up with a special speed profile of the struts. This profile shape increases the speed of the kite rapidly. Compared to a traditional strut profile, the Speed Profile Strut has less drag and no turbulence.

Squared wingtips provide for a more direct feel of the kite and more power in the kite. This shape feature also increases the stability of the kite in strong winds.

Just pull on one front line and the kite pops right back in the air. Every rider trying to learn new tricks will appreciate the simple and quick relaunch of the kite.

Perfect for all riders. Easy control and comfort results in longer hours of riding. However, the bar pressure can be adjusted according to the rider’s needs on the wingtip of the kite. Higher bar pressure setting results in a more direct response of the kite and vice versa.

This shape feature of the wing tips gives the kite lower air resistance and enables the kite to fly faster. The low profile wing tips cut through air with minimum resistance and the rider has more control over the kite.

Speedy profile and light weight of the kite enables the kite to cut through air faster. Special bridle and lines set up provide instant response of the kite to rider’s inputs. It feels like there is not distance between the rider and the kite.

Say goodbye to pulleys. With the new O-rings, the steering is much more responsive and the kite feels much more direct. The O-rings are more durable than pulleys and will not malfunction with sand, as some pulleys eventually do. The O-rings are swim-proof, as one line runs around the ring while the other one runs through the ring. So, even in a very rare case of the O-ring breaking, the kite is still fully capable of flying. It is our signature to bring out only the highest quality products. The O-rings are made in Italy, by Antal ®, a famous sailing brand.

All CrazyFly lines are top quality low stretch lines made in Germany. Unlike others, when a CrazyFly line is pulled, the kite reacts instantly. Traditional lines stretch when pulled and the reactions of the kite are slow and require more input from the rider. With CrazyFly lines, steering is direct and requires very light input from the rider. The kite is much easier to control.

All CrazyFly bladders are made from high quality Polyurethane. This material has excellent stretch properties, is very resistant to high pressure and functions well in a wide range of temperatures. These properties also allow the Polyurethane to be welded together and it bonds exceptionally well. Polyurethane bladders create a strong foundation for the inflated body of the kite.

CNC controlled cutting and sewing ensures maximum precision of critical seams on all CrazyFly kites. This technology eliminates human error and enables perfection to be repeated on every seam. CNC controlled cutting also reduces waste from offcut material.

Leading edge is the most abused area of the kite, so we made sure our leading edge closing seam is bulletproof. Double stitching and abrasion resistant reinforcement tape placed over the top ensure long lasting durability of the leading edge seam.

There are three back line settings on the wingtip of the kite. These allow the rider to tune the kite to his or her preferences. The fast back line set up provides the quickest turning of the kite and the lightest bar pressure. On the medium setting the kite still turns relatively quickly and there is more load on the bar. On the slow setting the kite turns noticeably slower and the bar pressure is high.

The snow / sand protectors on the leading edge protect the kite from damage caused by dragging the kite on snow, sand, or ice when launching or relaunching the kite.

Sticking to our tradition of producing high quality products, we sourced only the highest quality Dacron from Germany and Ripstop from Japan for the construction of the CrazyFly kites. The high weight materials create a strong base for the light weight canopy. All the materials and reinforcements are strategically placed to create a rock solid and durable kite, while maintaining the lightest possible weight for incredible flight characteristics.

The Segmented Arc Leading Edge is a flawless continuous arc composed of multiple segments. The leading edge panels are cut and sewn to create an arc instead of angled segments. The arc ensures homogeneous stress on the seams and the load is evenly distributed along the leading edge. On the other hand, a segmented leading edge has angled panels sewn together which creates stress points and a points of weakness of the kite. The Segmented Arc Leading Edge provides better flight characteristics and results in a much more durable kite.

Heavy duty Kevlar fabric patches protect the kite against damage in the most abused areas. The Kevlar reinforcements are highly durable, extremely resistant to abrasion and very light. These properties make Kevlar the perfect material for kite protectors.

The Kook Proof connectors prevent accidentally connecting the wrong lines together. With the help of knots and loops on the connectors, it is impossible to set up the kite in a wrong way.

Kite Backpack
To Protect and Serve. The CrazyFly kite backpack combines functionality and protection for the kite during transport and storage. This kite backpack features a front zip pocket with a small kite repair kit and a turbo valve pump connector. It also has a small zip pocket on the top for storing keys, wallet etc. Furthermore, the kite backpack has extendable top, which allows the kite to be packed down with inflated struts. On one side of the backpack, there are rubber bands for the kite pump and on the other side, there is a webbed pocket for the bar. Also, one side of the backpack is made out of webbing, so sand and dirt can get out of the backpack easily. The shoulder straps are fully padded for increased comfort while carrying. The kite backpack is accepted as a carry on with most of the airlines.

(Optional)Sick Bar
Simple and Clean. CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. Our Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm. The bar itself is a full carbon monococuqe tube with solid center for extremely light weight and lasting durability. It features a Sick click push away safety system, which can be quickly triggered as well as assembled.

2016 CrazyFly Sick Control Bar
*(Control Bar Optional, can select options at bottom of listing page):

2016 CrazyFly Sick Control Bar

For 2016 CrazyFly introduced a brand new premium leather grip for unmatched comfort and long lasting durability. The swivel is integrated under the bar, where it is easy and comfortable to reach for untwisting the front lines after a rotational trick or a kite loop. Making things simple and clean, crazyfly covered the safety line and the center line in a PU tube. The PU tube prevents all wear and tear of the central line and allows for smooth sheeting and handling of the kite. The depower trim cleat is strategically placed above the bar, where it is easy to reach for making adjustments on the go.

The Sick bar is one of the safest bars on the market with one front line flag out which ensures 100% collapse of the kite. When the safety is triggered, the kite loses all power and falls down all the way immediately.

All New PREMIUM LEATHER GRIP - UNMATCHED COMFORT : Brand new outdoor performance premium leather grip from Italy provides unmatched comfort and long lasting durability.

The Sick bar is finished with high quality, long lasting, and almost-zero elongation Dyneema® flying lines made in Germany. We use dark grey flying lines to be easily visible for snowkiting. There is no comparison for the material quality, weight, simplicity, and durability of the Sick bar.

Safety Certificate - The 2015 Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm and is one of the safest bars on the market.

Push Away Safety System - Easy and Quick to Trigger - The Sick Click push away quick release conforms to the French Afnor NF S52-503 safety norm. It can be easily triggered with low force in all conditions. The quick release has a stainless steel lever mechanism inside, which reduces pressure and makes the safety easy to trigger. Re-loading the Sick Click system is fast and easy, even in difficult conditions.

Full Carbon - Monocoque One Piece Bar - The bar itself is made from high modulus aerospace carbon fibers which are extremely strong, durable and ultra light. The Sick Bar is produced with the latest high tech molding processes and results in one of the strongest and lightest bars on the market.

Power Tube - No More Wear and Tear - Covering the central line in a PU (very strong plastic) tube provides superior control of on the bar depower and adds to a more direct kite feel. The whole system, as well as the kite power delivery, feel much smoother.

Elastic Soft and Safe Bar Ends - With safety being the top priority, the bar ends are soft, flexible and with integrated floaters. The soft nature of the bar ends prevents hand injuries when catching the bar during unhooked tricks. Soft bar ends and also lower the risk of injury when the bar comes in contact with the rider during a crash. Riders will also appreciate the soft bar ends when relaunching the kite.

Made in Europe - High Quality Hand Made Bar - The CrazyFly Sick Bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe. All materials and components are made in Europe and assembled in the CrazyFly factory in Slovakia.

Smart Cleat - Simple and Clean - A brand new depower Smart Cleat, originally designed by CrazyFly, and strategically positioned above the bar. It is comfortable to reach and very easy to use, even on the go. This year, we also added a Velcro on the Smart Cleat, so there are no lines flapping around and everything is tidy in place.

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Bar sizing suggestions as follows, though substitutions can be made per rider preference:

45cm Bar = Sizes 3M, 5M, 7M, 8M
50cm Bar = Sizes 9M, 10M, 11M, 12M
55cm Bar = Sizes 13M, 14M

2016 CrazyFly Sculp Sizes: 5 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

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2016 CrazyFLy Sculp

2016 CrazyFly Sculp Fly Red Green

2016 CrazyFly SICK Control Bar
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2016 CrazyFly SICK Control Bar

2016 Crazyfly Sculp Videos
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