Peter Lynn Charger II Kite All Terain Water Depower Foil

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Peter Lynn Charger II Depower All Terrain Foil Kite -Amazing Stability and "Do It All" All Terrain Functionality in a Closed Cell Foil Kite for Kitesurfing, Snowkiting, Landboarding, Traction, and Buggy power kiting.

The Peter Lynn Charger-II super predictable, stable, fast, and smooth - perfect solution for all terrain use on Water or Land. The Peter Lynn Charger II has established a proven reputation of Amazing Performance, Quality, & Durability that simply can't be beat.

Peter Lynn Charger II - Take Charge, Go Everywhere

The PeterLynn Charger II has proven to be more stable, more durable, more adaptable, and more capable of serving you excellent kiting performance. For this new iteration of the ultimate 'do it all' kite Peter Lynn has taken all the best aspects of the original Peter Lynn Charger and combined it with the valuable user feedback Peter Lynn has received since the release of the original Charger, resulting in a kite which has the performance Peter Lynn intended but with the user-friendly aspects today's market demands.

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Peter Lynn Charger II -Characteristics

Unbeatable Stability and Auto-Zenith - The Peter Lynn Twinskin Charger II is the most stable kite for all conditions. The Charger absorbs gusts and guarantees comfortable riding. The stability is enhanced by a perfectly balanced weight distribution which is tested in both real conditions and simulated test set-ups.

Clean Airflow - Compared to tube kites, the Peter Lynn Charger II Twinskin has a much cleaner airflow around the wing. Both the topskin and the bottomskin are shaped for maximum performance and stability. The smooth airflow around the Charger Twinskin over the top and lower skins avoids distorting and creating turbulence, in comparison, the airflow on a tube kite goes smooth over the topskin but gets heavily distorted by the leading edge on the bottom skin. This distorted airflow has a negative effect on the performance of the tubekite. These airflow characteristics were studied and are the foundation around which the unique Peter Lynn Charger II Twinskin shape was designed.

High Wind Excellence - The Peter Lynn Charger II has an incredibly large windrange. The Charger can easily be flown in marginal conditions but really starts to shine in higher winds, in fact, more wind makes it more stable. Higher winds are often punchy, this is where the flexibilty of the Charger Twinskin really kicks in. Because the Charger Twinskin is not rigid shaped like LEI kites, the Charger can absorb gusts without the rider feeling these gusts on the bar, making for a comfortable ride even in uncomfortable conditions.

Easy Water Relaunch - When the Peter Lynn Charger II crashes on the water, it is easy to relaunch. Because the whole kite is filled with sealed baffle protected air, the Peter Lynn Charger Kite can be re-launched easily. All water will slide off the kite. No parts will go under water and the taped seams prevent any air from escaping and prevent any water coming in. The shape of the kite forces the tips together which makes the kite roll over and relaunch.

Highly Adaptable - The Peter Lynn Charger II can easily be tuned to personal preference or conditions. This tuneability makes the Charger suitable for a broad range of riding styles and kite flyers with different skill levels.

Peter Lynn Charger-II Kite Package

★★Kite Only Package Includes:
-Charger kite with packing strap
-Charger Expandable backpack
-Charger Aluminum Compact sticks
-Peter Lynn Sand & Snow bag
-Peter Lynn Twinskin Instruction manual

★★Optional Control Bar Adds:
-Navigator TS Control Bar
-350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines
-Safety leash

Peter Lynn Charger II Kite Sizes:
(plus recommended Optional Navigator Bar Size)

-Charger 6.5M – Navigator TS small
-Charger 8M – Navigator TS small
-Charger 10M – Navigator TS medium
-Charger 12M – Navigator TS medium
-Charger 15M – Navigator TS medium
-Charger 18M – Navigator TS large
-Charger 22.5M – Navigator TS large

Peter Lynn Charger II Kite Colors:
- Orange : (Black / Grey / Orange)
- Ocean : (Royal Blue / Orange / Aqua)
- Rasta : (Forest Green / Yellow / Red)

Click Image below to be taken to the Peter Lynn Charger II Kite Manufacturers Page covering full details on the Peter Lynn Lynx:

Peter Lynn Charger Colors
Click Here For Peter Lynn Charger Kite Info, Pics, & Videos from Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Charger II Detailed Pics
(click on pics below to be taken to a gallery with additional pics/resolution):

Peter Lynn Charger II Kite

Peter Lynn Charger II Fly1

Peter Lynn Charger II Kite Bag

Peter Lynn Navigator TS Control Bar:
**Control Bar Sold Separately, select bar option below
(Click Pic to enlarge and view details)

Peter Lynn Navigator TS Control Bar

Optional Peter Lynn Navigator TS Control Bar:
Peter Lynn’s years of experience with Twinskin control bars materialized into the new LEI and Twinskin control bars: the Navigator SL and Navigator TS. The Navigator has a unique design combining safety and user friendliness. The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether your kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.

The Navigator TS is available in three packages, each offering the best bar combination and corresponding line length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting just one bar for different sizes of kites can find the most suitable setup. By making use of the line extension set and the dual bar size end-caps the bar can be adjusted to handle both smaller and larger kites.

Peter Lynn Charger Videos
(click videos below to view):

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