2016 Peter Lynn Fury Kite Inflatable SLE Kitesurfing Kite +Shirt

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Peter Lynn Fury Inflatable SLE Kite 2016 -Insane Performance with unmatched stability and predictability.. High Performance High Aspect Kite for Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding - Take your riding to the next level with the Peter Lynn Fury

The Peter Lynn Fury is super predictable, stable, fast, and smooth - the ultimate tool to go big and ride hard. The Peter Lynn Fury has established a proven reputation of Amazing Performance, Quality, & Durability that simply can't be beat.

Peter Lynn Fury 2016 - The New Definition of Performance

The 2016 PeterLynn Fury is built for those who go big and ride hard. But most of all the Peter Lynn Fury is built to provide riders with everything needed to have mind blowing sessions every time.

The 2016 Peter Lynn Fury is built with maximum performance in mind. This fantastic piece of engineering will maximise your jumps, provide you with massive airtime, have you screaming upwind and makes you ride at teeth grinding speeds. All of this insane performance is delivered in an easy, predictable and reliable way so that you will always feel in total control.

The extremely rigid 5-strut frame of the Peter Lynn Fuyu combined with its high Aspect Ratio and high performance profile, make the Fury the perfect tool for boosting big air. If you want to look good on the water, get the right equipment and treat yourself to the Peter Lynn Fury!

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2016 Peter Lynn Fury Logo

Peter Lynn Fury -Characteristics

Boosting & Hangtime - The Boosts big and keeps you up there. The Fury is designed with pure performance in mind. We have created a kite that allows you to easily boost huge jumps and enjoy an amazing amount of hangtime unheard of with LEI kites.

Direct Control & Stability - The Peter Lynn Fury is super stable and it's handling is fast and direct. The Fury flies fast and has a very direct steering and power up response due to the new pulley-less bridle. This short 5-point cascading bridle keeps the arc of the kite stable no matter how overpowered you are and even if you push out the bar all the way the kite remains responsive and quick to turn. Add to this Peter Lynnís renowned kite stabilty and you will feel safe and in control even in the most demanding conditions.

Lightwind & Upwind Performance - The Peter Lynn Fury is designed to go fast and scream upwind. The larger Furyís are amazing in light winds. The kites are light and well balanced so that they will fly in even the lightest breezes. Thanks to the high Aspect Ratio the Fury blasts upwind making it a serious contender in racing.

Exceptional Windrange - The Peter Lynn Fury has great low end power and a huge useable windrange. Thanks to the specially constructed leading edge and the fixed bridle, the Fury has an exceptionally large and effective windrange. The Fury has great low end power, without sacrificing any of the high end performance. The Fury will get you going earlier and will let you stay out longer.

The 2016 Peter Lynn Fury is built for those who want to boost big, ride fast and scream upwind. - The Fury rocks a state of the art, 5-strut, high Aspect Ratio design which offers a highly rigid and efficiŽnt shape for total control. A stiffer leading edge and cleaner camber within the profile give the kite a major advantage when it comes to windrange and power delivery. The characteristics and performance canít be matched by any other kite in itís class.

Peter Lynn Fury Kite Package

★★Kite Only Package Includes:
-Fury kite
-Fury backpack
-Fury inner bag
-Kite pump
-Repair kit
-Peter Lynn 4-line LEI Instruction manual

★★Optional Control Bar Adds:
-Navigator SL Control Bar
-350/350daN Dyneemaģ flying lines
-Safety leash

Peter Lynn Fury Kite Sizes:
(plus recommended Optional Navigator Bar Size)

-Fury 6M : Navigator SL bar Small
-Fury 8M : Navigator SL bar Small
-Fury 10M : Navigator SL bar Small
-Fury 13M : Navigator SL bar Small
-Fury 15M : Navigator SL bar Large
-Fury 17M : Navigator SL bar Large

Peter Lynn Fury Kite Colors:
- Yellow (available in: 6M, 8M, 10M, or 13M)
- Red (available in: 6M, 8M, 10M, or 13M)
- Blue / Yellow (15M & 17M Only)

Click Image below to be taken to the Peter Lynn Fury Kite Manufacturers Page covering full details on the Peter Lynn Lynx:

Peter Lynn Fury Colors
Click Here For Peter Lynn Fury Kite Info, Pics, & Videos from Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Fury Detailed Pics
(click on pics below to be taken to a gallery with additional pics/resolution):

Peter Lynn Fury Kite

Peter Lynn Fury Fly1

Peter Lynn Fury Kite Bag

Peter Lynn Navigator SL Control Bar:
**Control Bar Sold Separately, select bar option below
(Click Pic to enlarge and view details)

Peter Lynn Navigator SL Control Bar

Optional Peter Lynn Navigator SL Control Bar:
Peter Lynnís years of experience with control bars materialized into the new LEI and Twinskin control bars: the Navigator SL and Navigator TS. The Navigator has a unique design combining safety and user friendliness. The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether your kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.

he Navigator SL is available in two packages, each offering the best bar length combination and corresponding line length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting just one bar for different sizes of kites can find the most suitable setup. By making use of the line extension set the bar can be adjusted to handle a larger windrange.

Peter Lynn Fury Videos
(click videos below to view):

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