2016 Peter Lynn Escape Kite Inflatable SLE Kitesurfing Kite

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Peter Lynn Escape Inflatable SLE Kite 2016 - All Around Performance with unmatched reliability in control and stability. The Peter Lynn Escape offers the perfect balance of speed, power, stability, and safety for beginners and experts alike.

The Peter Lynn Escape is the ultimate tool for having fun on first tacks or riding hard and boosting huge. The Peter Lynn Escape offers a proven reputation of Amazing Performance, Quality, & Durability that simply can't be beat.

Peter Lynn Escape 2016 - Go Kite

The 2016 Peter Lynn Escape was made to make you look good, the Escape makes it easy to bust out your most radical moves. Aimed at ambitious riders who want a kite that pops hard and boosts big, the Peter Lynn Escape is the ultimate freeride / freestyle machine that delivers its power in an intuitive and reliable way. Every kite session should inspire you to push your riding while having a blast on the water, the Peter Lynn Escape gives you the ability to progress with success.

The Peter Lynn Escape let’s you decide, fly it smooth for a lazy afternoon session, or whip it around for some blistering freestyle action. The kite’s stability, direct handling and controllable performance all contribute to the feeling of trust and safety when pushing yourself to the next level.

Boost your riding skills with a kite that lets you enjoy every aspect of kiteboarding in total comfort, control and confidence - Peter Lynn Escape.

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Peter Lynn Escape -Characteristics

Intuitive Handling and Kite Feedback - Feel where your kite is at all times. The Peter Lynn Escape offers smooth power and predictable handling that give the rider a feeling of trust and control that inspires confidence from the first launch. The 4-strut design offers balanced distribution of power. The big strutless center piece gives the kite loads of grunt while the squared wingtips offer direct and powerful steering. The excellent bar feedback let’s riders feel in control and allows more experienced riders to place the kite exactly where they need it to utilize it’s power to the fullest.

Progressive Power Development - The Peter Lynn Escape delivers power in a comfortable and predictable way. Its progressive power build up allows you to get exactly the power you expect when and where you need it. The medium bar pressure let’s you know exactly where the kite is at all times, giving you control and confidence whatever the conditions.

Quick and Direct Turning - The Peter Lynn Escape turns quick and direct. The Escape’s minimized bridle results in a quick and tight turning kite making it easy to loop. It also makes it easy to work the kite in low winds to build up apparent wind and keep on riding. The kite’s direct response makes it a solid performer and is sure to send you into some spectacular kiteloops when the wind starts howling.

Huge Windrange, Great Performance - The Peter Lynn Escape offers great performance throughout a large usable wind range. Due to the adjustable bridle setting and bar pressure the Escape has a very larger performance window. This makes it a top choice for all types of riders who just want to have great sessions every time and look good while doin´ their thing. In high winds the kite is powerful yet predictable and easy to control. In light winds the Escape offers easy going handling without sacrificing bar feedback.

The 2016 Peter Lynn Escape is as well behaved as a kite can be, but in the right hands it becomes a powerful performer without limitations. The Escape caters to the needs of any freeride and freestyle rider. By working closely with riders, schools and pro’s alike, and listening to their feedback Peter Lynn has created a kite that will continue to offer performance while you grow your skills as a rider, in whatever discipline you practice. Its adjustable bar pressure and bridle settings make the kite suitable for riders of different skill levels and disciplines. Whether you are into cruising around, freestyle or wakestyle, the Escape delivers. The Escape is built with Tejin sailcloth and Dymension Polyant Dacron as well as the very best construction techniques, With these uncompromising high standards the Escape sets itself apart from the majority. For this new generation we have redeveloped the Escape’s unique panel lay-out into a V shaped lay-out for optimal pressure distribution throughout the canopy. The Escape will guarantee care free and fun sessions every time you go out to play and will continue to do so for a long time. The Escape is also built for ambitious riders who want a kite that pops hard and boosts big, the Escape is the ultimate freestyle and freeride machine that delivers its power in a stabile and predictable manner. This allows you to become the rider you want to be and progress with success. Its smooth & predictable handling and its controllable lift & boost, give the rider a feeling of confidence right from the first time they launch it. Multiple trim options make the kite suitable for a wide array of skill levels while giving it an incredible performance range. The stable 4-strut design provides good grunt, lift and boost while the squared wingtips ensure fast and direct turning with a solid bar feeling. Boost your confidence and riding skill with a kite that lets you enjoy every aspect of kiteboarding in total control, comfort and confidence.

Peter Lynn Escape Kite Package

★★Kite Only Package Includes:
-Escape kite
-Escape backpack
-Escape inner bag
-Repair kit
-Peter Lynn 4-line LEI Instruction manual

★★Optional Control Bar Adds:
-Navigator SL Control Bar
-350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines
-Safety leash

Peter Lynn Escape Kite Sizes:
(plus recommended Optional Navigator Bar Size)

-Escape 5M – Navigator SL bar Small
-Escape 7M – Navigator SL bar Small
-Escape 9M – Navigator SL bar Small
-Escape 11M – Navigator SL bar Small
-Escape 13M – Navigator SL bar Small

Peter Lynn Escape Kite Colors:
- Yellow
- Red

Click Image below to be taken to the Peter Lynn Escape Kite Manufacturers Page covering full details on the Peter Lynn Lynx:

Peter Lynn Escape Colors
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Peter Lynn Escape Detailed Pics
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Peter Lynn Escape Kite

Peter Lynn Escape Fly1

Peter Lynn Escape Kite Bag

Peter Lynn Navigator SL Control Bar:
**Control Bar Sold Separately, select bar option below
(Click Pic to enlarge and view details)

Peter Lynn Navigator SL Control Bar

Optional Peter Lynn Navigator SL Control Bar:
Peter Lynn’s years of experience with control bars materialized into the new LEI and Twinskin control bars: the Navigator SL and Navigator TS. The Navigator has a unique design combining safety and user friendliness. The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether your kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.

he Navigator SL is available in two packages, each offering the best bar length combination and corresponding line length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting just one bar for different sizes of kites can find the most suitable setup. By making use of the line extension set the bar can be adjusted to handle a larger windrange.

Peter Lynn Escape Videos
(click videos below to view):

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