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Peter Lynn Leopard Depower Foil Kite -Amazing Top Performance Depower Open Cell Foil Kite For snowkiting, landboarding, traction, buggy and general power kiting.

The Peter Lynn Leopard offers amazing speed & lift, yet is super predictable, stable, and smooth - unmatched reliable high performance fun. The Peter Lynn Leopard has established a proven reputation of Amazing Performance, Quality, & Durability that simply can't be beat.

The PeterLynn Leopard is a high performance, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety that makes back country exploring explosively fun, due to its amazing performance and reliability. The Peter Lynn Leopard Kite has a very predictable and smooth power delivery yet it offers super fast turning speed and unrivaled power delivery for unmatched control and sending jumps to the moon.

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Peter Lynn Leopard - Shape your own style

Big air snowkiting requires performance and finesse. The Leopard offers both by the bucketload, its got tons of lift, crazy amounts of float and itís fast down the line. But to boost big and fly high you need more than just raw power, most of all you need a reliable kite, a kite which is stable, safe and easy to control.

Built upon strong foundations, the wing has received some major tune-ups. To make it more aerodynamic and to enhance itís stability, glass-fibre rods have been placed along the leading edge. The new Leopards smooth nose shape and upgraded profiles make the kite turn faster with more pressure through the turns, helping you to get up that mountainside in no time.

The Leopard is an extremely powerful depower foil with superior flight characteristics. In light winds it is quick enough and generates enough power to get you going, but crank the bar in higher winds and youíll be flying off before you know it. Feel the acceleration and experience the thrill of sending the Leopard for a long floaty jump.

Whether you want to loop to the top & glide back down, boost massive airs or simply go faster and further than the rest, the Leopard provides you with a smooth platform with plenty performance on tap to get you where you want to be.

Peter Lynn Leopard -Characteristics

Mind Blowing Lift and Float - The Leopard is designed for maximum airtime. The Leopard has been designed with maximum jumping performance in mind, its high performance profile is tuned for massive jumps and truckloads of float to maximize hangtime and to put you back on earth smoothly.

High Flying Speed - The Leopard's high aspect ratio makes for a fast kite. The high Aspect Ratio guarantees fast paced riding, steer it in, pull the bar and hold on to your hat while the kite accelerates to incredible speeds. Send it for a jump and prepare for its phenomenal power.

Blazing Fast Turning Speed - The Leopard is not only fast down the line, it also turns on a dime. The new Leopards smooth nose shape and upgraded profiles make the kite turn faster with more pressure through the turns, helping you to get up that mountainside in no time.

Unmatched Safety - The Leopard's safety release bundles up the kite for maximum loss of power. The Leopard features a full stop safety to ensure safe landings or safety releases in tricky situations. As the safety line acts like an extra bridle which is connected to the sides of the kite, pushing the safety release makes the kite pull into a compact bundle, immediately eliminating 100% of the kites power.

Fantastic Upwind Performance - The Leopardís racing pedigree will have you screaming upwind. The Leopards medium high Aspect Ratio makes it a very fast kite down the line but it also offers upwind performance similar to the latest generation race kites. This speed and upwind performance makes the Leopard a serious contender in any race.

Easy Controlled Reverse Landing - The Leopard maintains it's stability when pulling the self-landing handle. In contrary to most other depower foils the Leopard is very well behaved when pulling the self landing handle. Where other kites lose their shape and start twisting uncontrollably the Leopard simply powers down and backs down to the ground.

Peter Lynn Leopard Kite Package

★★Kite Only Package Includes:
-Leopard depower kite
-Leopard backpack
-Peter Lynn 5th line depower kite manual

★★Optional Complete Pkg (Control Bar) Adds:
-Peter Lynn Magnet Control Bar
-350/350daN Dyneemaģ flying lines
-Safety leash

Peter Lynn Leopard Kite Sizes:
(Colors Specific to Size)
-Leopard 7M : White / Red
-Leopard 9M : White / Green
-Leopard 11M : White / Orange
-Leopard 13.5M : White / BLue

Click Link below to be taken to the Peter Lynn Leopard Kite Manufacturers Page covering full details on the Peter Lynn Leopard:
Click Here For Peter Lynn Leopard Kite Info, Pics, & Videos from Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Leopard Detailed Pics
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Peter Lynn Leopard Kite

Peter Lynn Leopard Fly Jump 1

Peter Lynn Leopard Kite Bag

Peter Lynn Magnet Control Bar:
**Control Bar Sold Separately, select bar option below
(Click Pic to enlarge and view details)

Peter Lynn Magnet Bar

Optional Peter Lynn Magnet Control Bar:
Peter Lynn open cell depower kites can be equipped with the optional Peter Lynn Magnet Control System (optional item) which is optimized for use in snow, while not compromising its suitability and ease of use for any other kite activity. Based upon the proven Navigator bar, this system ensures functionality and safety at the highest level of performance.

The Peter Lynn Magnet Control Bar is based upon the Navigator Control bar but with a few changes making it more suitable for the harsher conditions often encountered when snowkiting. The tapered bar is fitted with extra grippy, colour coded EVA foam making it easy to operate with gloves on, the finger grip ensures a comfortable grip when riding without gloves. The Magnet bar is fitted with the same high quality stainless steel center piece for smooth bar action.

Peter Lynn Leopard Videos
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