Sensei II 2 Meter Trainer Kite + Progression Beginner DVD

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The New Sensei Trainer Line is known as "the" top performing trainer kites available --with revolutionary auto relaunch feature (no need for someone to spot/launch or run to kite, just pull on a line to re-launch and keep flying --see video below for Sensei demonstration)..

The Sensei Trainers set the standard in quality & relaible foil trainer kites .. Sensei Trainer Kites will both perform and stand up to abuse due to high quality construction and components --not to be compared with low cost/quality "trainers" that will fly poorly and simply will not last..

This package deal includes the renowned Progression Beginner DVD --The Progression series sets the standard in thorough Kitesurfing Instructional DVDs.. The Progression Beginner Video is the newest most up to date, and most popular instructional DVD for Kiteboarding --covering everything from launching and landing to your first jump.. The standard of kitesurfing instructional DVDs combined with the standard in Kitesurfing trainers make for the untimate beginner package to get started in Kitesurfing..

The Progression DVD includes over 2 1/2 hours of meticulous instruction, slow motion run-throughs, and common problem analysis --youíll progress to intermediate level in no time! Donít expect to watch the DVD from start to finish each time, just focus in on the sections that you are currently looking to improve upon. -Click Here For Additional Info, Pics, & Videos on the Progression DVD series

With a wide wind range, the Sensei is a perfect kite for anyone wanting to learn how to kiteboard (aka Kite Surfing). Economically priced, the Sensei is full of power that will give you many years of pure enjoyment.

Kiting skills are 70-80% of Kite Boarding, getting as much practice on the ground will make you a better rider. If you are just starting out and want to learn, this is the kite for you.
    Sensei II 2M Package Comes Complete With:
    • 2 Meter Sensei Kite, bag, bar and lines
    • Latest Model/Version
    • Progression Beginner DVD
    • Bonus WindBone Kiteboarding Coupon Codes --good towards new kite or board purchase
    • *2M Does Not Include Safety Wrist Leash (3M includes)
    • Ready-To-Fly
    Sensei Features:
    • The Sensei is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite. Just pull on one line and the Sensei pops off the ground and easily relaunches.
    • The most stable & smooth trainer out there!!
    • Named kite of the year by kiteworld magazine, this kite is truly revolutionary.
    • Pair with a longboard skateboard or mountainboard to have some fun when winds are too light to kitesurf.
    • The kite has self-cleaning vents so any sand that gets in it will automatically be dumped out. Strategically positioned internal baffle vents evenly distribute pressure throughout the kite, making it the most durable trainer available.
    • Comes complete with bag, bar, handle, and lines Ready To Fly!!!!!
    • The kites come in true 2 meter and 3 meter sizes.

Shop Note: The Sensei Trainer is our favorite kite to use for teaching. Being able to relaunch after a crash saves time and effort, and we are amazed at what these kites can hold up too. The 3M also works great as a inexpensive kite to use with a mountainboard or skateboard because of its smooth power generation and amazing stability. The Senseii is truly the best trainer available on the market.

What is the difference between the 2m and 3m Sensei? The main difference you will notice between the 2m and 3m is the amount of pull the kite generates, and turning speed. The 3m will turn slightly slower and develop quite a bit more power. For using with a skateboard, the 3m is the way to go for most people in normal wind conditions. The main advantage of a 2m is it can handle more abuse than the 3m because of a lower amount of pressure build up in a smaller sail.

**Kite Color Varries --can try to meet requests but cannot guarantee color availability..

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