HQ Symphony 1.4 Kitesurfing Trainer Kite

Sale: $76.79

Low Cost Kitesurfing Trainer Kite, The New HQ Symphony 1.4 Meter Trainer Kite is the lowest cost high quality trainer package available..

Complete with control bar, lines, safety wrist leash, colored pig tails, easy bridles, solo re-launch, and instruction booklet.. making the HQ Symphony 1.4 the ultimate trainer package at the ultimate price..

Our HQ Symphony 1.4 Trainer Kite package is the industry's only high quality trainer package complete with control bar, lines, safety wrist leash, instructions, carry bag, etc.. offering a truly value driven training tool..

The HQ Symphony 1.4M trainer kite is our smallest trainer, generating the least amount pull/power, etc.. but still packs a punch for the price and offers an excellent tool to learn the basic flying control inputs needed to fly full sized kitesurfing and/or power kites..

HQ Kites offer top quality materials and construction resulting in unsurpassed performance and durability.. with the HQ Symphony 1.4 trainer value, quality, & performance is offered at a truly low pricepoint..

Add to this a safety wrist leash depower system, effortless solo relaunch, and one of the most thorough product/instruction manuals out there (covering everything you need to know to get flying safely).. you then have the ultimate package to enter the sport of Kitesurfing on a budget, without sacrificing quality, functionality, durability, and/or safety..

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    WindBone HQ Symphony 1.4 Package Comes Complete With:
    • HQ Symphony 1.4 Meter 2 Line Kite, Control Bar, lines, & Carry Bag
    • Safety Wrist Leash System
    • Detailed Manual/Instruction Booklet
    • Bonus "Cash Back" WindBone Kiteboarding Coupon Codes --good towards new kite or board purchase)
    • Ready-To-Fly
Symphony TR 1.4 Train on a budget

The Symphony TR has been designed with the ease of use and an affordable price point in mind. Whether you are looking for a kite boarding trainer kite or just a fun foil to enjoy, the Symphony TR offers smooth and precise flying characteristics. Shape and bridle of the Symphony TR allow an easy relaunch after a crash without assistance.

  • ready to fly out of the bag - lines are already attached
  • stable flying characteristics
  • relaunchable
  • durable construction
  • perfect first step into power kiting
HQ Symphony 1.4 Specifications:
  • Width: 140 cm / 55"
  • Height: 66 cm / 26"
  • Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
  • Lines: Blendline 100lb(45kp), 2 x 65ft(20m)
  • Controlbar: 20"(50cm)
  • Safety Wrist Leash System
  • Wind Range: 8-31 mph (12-49 km/h; 3-6 Bft)
HQ Symphony

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HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

HQ Symphony

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