RRD Replacement Bridle Pulley Line Assembly (pair with pulleys)

Starting at: $44.99

OEM Style RRD Replacement Bridle Pulley Lines with pulleys. (Compatible with various RRD Kites including Obsession, Vision, Passion, etc -see pics for compatibility)

Includes 2 complete sets, sold in matched pairs..

New Replacement RRD Pulley Lines..

Original OEM Factory Style Custom Made RRD Replacement Bridle Center-Line Pulley Line Segments complete with pulley line segment, Ronstan pulley, pulley line pigtail, and all lines professionally spliced with integrated spliced knots with pulley spliced into line --exactly like factory configuration ready to ride with drop in easy replacment..

**This is the section of bridle line where center line pulleys ride and will wear over time --it's important to monitor line condition and replace when signs of wear and/or line fraying are present ..also good to have a set as a spare to avoid lost kiting days..

Assemblies sold in matched sets of two complete assemblies and are custom made to order (delivery time 1-3weeks, some sizes may be in stock).

See below pic for A/B measurements needed, and specify in boxes below..

***Also, any custom configuration line set can be made for any kite brand -Contact Us for inquiries, requests, pricing, and availability..

OEM Style RRD Replacement Pulley Lines

Upgrade Option to HD Orbit Block Pulleys. Beefed Up Pulley upgrade with Stainless Steel hub spindle and internal SS ball bearings, for a stronger pulley with increased durability and ultra smooth friction free operation to increase performance..

Full line of replacement parts available for HQ, Sensei, RRD, Epic, etc.. Please Contact Us for inquiries, pricing, and availability..

Detailed Pics (click on pic below to be taken to a gallery with additional pics/resolution):

RRD Bridle Pulley Line

RRD Bridle Pulley Line

RRD Bridle Pulley Line

Upgrade Option to HD Orbit Block Pulley:
(Line Color may vary)

RRD Bridle Pulley Line

RRD Bridle Pulley Line

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RRD Bridle Pulley Line

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