Universal Kite Hose Adapter Set For Bravo BST-12 Cabrinha +most


Custom Universal Fill Hose for the for Bravo BST-12 Kite Pump - includes common std adapter fitting set to fit most kite brands including large screw type valves such as the Cabrinha & Slingshot Air Lock Valve Fitting, and more..

Universal Inflation Hose for the Bravo BST-12 Electric Kite Pump complete with Airlock Screw Valve Fitting and multiple common adapter fittings to accommodate most/all kite type valves..

Replacement Universal Inflation Hose for the Bravo BST-12 Pump..

Compatible with Bravo BST-12 Kite Series Electric Pumps

**Hose Configuration, Style and/or Color may vary from pics.

**Full Line of Bravo BST-12 Replacement / Repair Parts in stock, ready for immediate shipment or repair service..

Custom Inflation / Fill Hose for the Bravo BST-12 Kite Pump.. Specially designed to fit most common kite brand valve types - including the new large wide mouth screw type valves such as Cabrina Kites equipped with the AirLock 1 and Airlock 2, Slingshot Twist Valve, and other Valve system requiring special fittings to inflate.. Hose end will also accommodate standard kite hose twist lock fitting (two prong slotted type) equipped with most standard kite brands - if fittings do not fit kite, can attach factory kite pump hose to fitting end to use with factory kite hose (*compatible with two prong twist lock hose type only)..

**Note: Standard OEM inflation hose equipped with the BST-12 will not fit new screw type valves and other new valve types beyond the standard cone type fittings without special modification - such as Cabrinha and slingshot Kites with Airlock Valve.

We have created this hose for reliable / fixed use with the new modern screw type valves such as the Cabrina AirLock Valves 1 & 2 and most current brand fitting types.. including screw type fitting (Cabrinha AirLock V1, other std screw type Wide Fill Valve Fittings), Plus Cabrinha Airlock 2 & Slingshot Twist Lock Valve Fitting, plus 2 different sized nipple cone type attachments, plus wide mouth adapter, plus std twist lock female end tip to accommodate most all kite types for a truly universal fill attachment for the Bavo BST-12..

Hose Ends are custom crafted and permanently fused together utilizing marine grade adhesives and special protective sleeving -making for a super robust, reliable, and strong hose fill system for the Bravo BST-12 Kite Pumps..

    Cabrinha / Universal Bravo BST-12 Inflation Hose Includes::
    • BST-12 Compatible Heavy Duty Inflation Hose
    • BST-12 Pump Side Fitting (fused to hose)
    • Universal / Std Twist Lock Female Hose Fitting (fused to hose)
    • 1 std Nipple Cone Adapter
    • 1 Big Boston Tapered Fitting (Newer: Airush, Ozone, Naish, Crazyfly, Switch)
    • 1 Threaded Screw Type Valve Fitting (Cabrinha AirLock 1 Fill Fitting)
    • 1 Twist Lock Valve Fitting (Cabrinha Airlock 2, Slingshot Twist)
    • 1 Wide Mouth Adapter (Max Flow -Liquid Force)
    • mini-lanyard line to fix attachment fittings to hose end to prevent loss
    • Ready-To-Fill
**Note: Heavy Duty Hose is larger and stiffer than OEM Bravo Hose equipped with the BST-12 - new hose may not completely fit in BST-12 carry bag side compartment depending on model version of pump bag.

**Hose Configuration, Style and/or Color may vary from pics.

Cabrinha AirLock & Universal Inflation Adapter Fill Hose for the Bravo BST-12 electric Pump.

BST12 Universal Kite Adapter Hose main

BST12 Universal Kite Adapter Hose Fittings

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Cabrinha AirLock & Universal Inflation Adapter Fill Hose for the Bravo BST-12 electric Pump from WindBone Kiteboarding your Bravo Kite Pump Specialists - WindBone Kiteboarding is an Authorized Bravo USA Dealer and Bravo Pump Repair Shop..

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