2009 RRD Passion 13M Used

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SOLD - Used 2009 RRD Passion 13M
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Lightly Used, 2009 RRD Passion 13 Meter Kitesurfing Kite --Includes Kite, RRD Back-Pack Carry Bag, RRD Factory Repair Kit, & WindBone Kiteboarding Bonus Cash/Discount Coupon Codes..

Kite Color is Black/Red/Orange/Yellow (see below for detailed pics) --Retail New: $1178.95 KO

Shipps Free within Continental USA..

Great condition: There are two areas on the leading edge where the outer material was slightly "disturbed"/scuffed from a brush with a shell or something (typ wear and tear) --no hole or bladder damage, just a small surface/slight "snagging" of material (see pics), these were noticed while taking pics for this listing, and I placed a small Tear-Aid patch over each area to protect/reinforce (basically more of a cosmetic/precautionary measure {Tear-Aid is a specialized super strong repair material/adhesive that will stand the test of time, nearly impossible to peel off on it's own, and can not tear}) --see pics below for details (before/aft patch pics)..

Also a few light sand/mud "scuff" marks on the leading edge from a local beach with occasional mud-like conditions --should wash off with some soap/water ..see pics below).. all my/shop gear is extremely well taken care of -never abused, never left flappping on beach for extended periods of time, periodically rinsed, transported in protective bags, stored dry, etc.. --absolutely no major damage, holes, leaks, etc.. just an excellent kite ready to fly..

Have to let this kite go, as making room for new shop gear --this is a smooth performing Delta-Shape type kite ..perfect for beginners (as well as int to advanced with crazy hang time), wave riding, light wind kiting, and/or just all around riding ..effortless re-launch, lots of grunt, awesome depower, so smooth, super hang tine, great bar response/feedback, etc.. Overall a awesome "all-around" performer that's super forgiving and a joy to fly..

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+++Discounted new 2009 RRD Global control bar/line set available below with puchase..

    WindBone Used RRD Passion 13M Package Comes Complete With:
    • 2009 Used RRD Passion 13 Meter Kie
    • RRD Passion Kite (Back-Pack) Bag
    • Factory Repair Kit
    • Bonus "Cash Back" WindBone Kiteboarding Coupon Codes
      --good towards new kite or board purchase)
    • Ready-To-Fly

Passion 2009, "Simple & Incredibly Efficient.."

A new line of hybrid Delta kites that evolves from the rest. Specifically designed with lightweight features in mind, these kites are juts a pure surprise. Stable, powerful, very easy to relaunch and very easy to de-power. Will make anyone feel like they have always been able to kite.
    • Stability
    • Great Power
    • Easy progressive de-power
    • Medium/Light Bar pressure
    • Instant Re-launch
    • New SPS system with a new designed inflating valve
    • LE Parallel seams for maximum strenght and lower stretching
    • Insigna double tape leech
    • PVC round label strut end protectors
    • Metallic PU strut end reinforcements
    • DP 175 LL Dacron
    • Tejin T9600 Canopy
    • New moulded struts protectors
    • New PVC Inflating valves protectors
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Detailed Pics (click on pic below to be taken to a gallery with additional pics/resolution):

RRD Passion 13M Used

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