2008 Mystic Warrior Harness


The Mystic Harness Line is known for top of the line performance and fit ..with unsurpassed comfort/fit, style, and functionality.. Arguably one of the best harness lines offered --hands down the Warrior is a top performer, super comfortable fit, rugged/strong, and known for not "riding up" as with other waist harnesses..

    • 3D-Thermo Moulded Foam
    • Double Power Leash Ring
    • Spreader Down System
    • Kinetic Back Support KM3
    • Flex Edge
    • Kinetic Technology
    • Handle Pass System
    • Kite Spreader
    • H-Flex Force Frame
    • Battle Belt Waist Closure
    • Spreader Protector
    • Quick Release Buckle on Closure
    • Insert for optional knife
    Thermo Moulded Foam: By using the process of thermo moulding we are able to add the characteristics we need for comfort and looks.

    (Double) Power Leash Ring: This gives you the ability to split the force on the leash rings in half, while the ring itself is secured to the strongest part of the harness.

    Kinetic Back Support KM3: In our top model, we put extra effort in our kinetic back support system. We combined the advantages of thermo moulding and neoprene. The mould is filled with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body. The soft neoprene is a serious contribution to comfort, especially combined with the flex edge.

    Flex Edge: While grabbing your board and boning out your tricks, the ribs encounter the harness’s edge. Therefore, this edge should be designed with the human kinetic technology principle and with the form of the rib cage in mind. By doing so, we introduce the flex edge. The sides of the harness are more flexible on points where the load distribution allows it. As a result, the flex edge gives you more freedom of movement and painful ribs are history.

    Handle Pass System: Standard on the Warrior kite harnesses is a Handle Pass System with a PU tube and a strong rope connected to a leash ring on one side. One the other side, there is a new quick release mechanism connected to the spreaderbar. With the handle pass leash connected around the PU tube, you can dump the kite in case of emergency by releasing the Handle Pass System.

    H-flex Force Frame: The ‘H’ in this force frame is formed by three fiberglass battens. Two slightly angled vertical ones and one horizontal. The vertical battens ensure a perfect harness shape and thus, good load distribution during hooked sessions. When you ‘pop’ unhooked tricks, the vertical battens ‘flex’ around the axis of the horizontal batten, adding comfort. The horizontal batten also keeps the backside of the harness stiff when there’s load on your handle pass leash. So when you crash, you’ll be still ‘in’ your harness, rather than squeezed ‘in between’ your harness. A thicker, but more flexible, plastic plate forms the base of the force frame. All together, freedom of movement, comfort, and load distribution are set to a higher level.

    Battle Belt: This waist belt is secured on the frame on the inside of the harness. The stretch in the belt makes your harness feel comfortable from the moment you put it on. The Velcro on the battle belt is positioned in such a way that it won’t damage your suit, lycra, or skin. This redesigned knife is a new standard in safety. It can cut through ropes up to 6mm quite easily. It’s completely made of stainless steel, and due to its shape, it has a firm grip and can be used with gloves on.

    Size Range:
    X-Small: 28"-30"
    Small: 30"-32"
    Medium: 32"-34"
    Large: 34"-36"
    XLarge: 36"-38"

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