2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Harness Army Camo


2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Harness, Color: Army / Camo (615)

The best waist harness on the market continues to evolve and just keeps getting better, The 2014 Mystic Warrior Waist Harness returns super comfortable and capable with new colors for the 2014 season.

"Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Harness - The most widely used piece of kiteboarding equipment all over the world"

The 2014 Mystic Warrior continues to uphold a proven track record of performance, style, fit, & function year after year -and respectfully the Warrior remains as one of the top selling harnesses out there, and for good reason..

The Mystic Harness Line is known for ultimate levels of performance and fit ..with unsurpassed comfort/fit, style, and functionality.. Arguably one of the best harness lines offered -hands down the Warrior is a top performer, super comfortable fit, rugged/strong, and known for not "riding up" as can be a common problem with other brand waist harnesses..

For those of you who know the Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Waist Harness, you will see a number of features on the 2014 model that will make you very happy. For the kiters who haven't seen the latest Mystic Warrior yet, well you are up for a pleasant surprise.

Mystic believes that if itís not broken, donít fix it, so they didnít. But, Mystic did make it better over the years. Itís even more comfortable, itís had a stylish makeover and the addition of the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0 will undoubtedly make the Mystic Warrior waist harness your favorite part of your kiteboarding gear, for years and years.

The 2014 Mystic Warrior will surprise you with how comfortable it feels on your first ride. Super smooth outline and edges, perfect wrap around your back, and unbelievably comfortable.

The anatomical plate inside the back of the 2014 Mystic Warrior Harness will support you, taking the shape of your lower back. Amazing support, tremendous comfort and all the features you could ever need on a harness. Check out the new colors for 2014 and enjoy the most comfortable and high performing harness on the market.

It's hard work to take the best harness on the market and improve on it. The master human kinetics engineers at Mystic worked day and night to complete the most incredible harness you will have ever try. The edges around the harness are usually either too soft (so they don't offer much support) or too stiff (potentially injuring your skin or ribs). The 2014 Mystic Warrior Harness outline material and design is just perfect. Forget about chafing, stiff ribs, or having harness ride up.

Another accolade for the Mystic Warrior Waist Harness is the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0. Now on on its 4th generation, the Clicker bar is the simplest, yet safe, super easy to get in or out and most importantly, IT WILL NOT RIDE UP.

With adjustable controls on both left and right sides, the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0 offers unparalleled support, comfort and safety on your 2014 Mystic Warrior Waist Harness. And with the new clicker system, you only have to unclick once and the harness is open, w/out the additional hassle of passing the webbing across. AMAZING and SIMPLE!

There are also other little improvements that you will feel when you put the Warrior Waist Harness on and ride -Upgrade your Harness to the ultimate in comfort and performance today..

Complete Harness with accessories ..comes with Spreader Bar, SB Pad & Cover, Integrated Safety Knife Pocket, a Mystic Double Bladed Hook Knife, and a Mystic Fixed Handle Pass Leash System (also can be used as rear handle) -Ready to Ride..

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    WindBone 2014 Mystic Warrior Harness Package Comes Complete With:
    • 2014 Mystic Warrior Harness
    • Uni Spreader Bar, SB Pad & Cover
    • 3D-Moulded Flex/Contour Foam
    • Low Torque Fixation 3.0 Clicker Bar
    • Double Power Leash Rings
    • Detachable Fixed Handle-Pass Leash System
    • Detachable HPLS Rear Handle
    • Integrated Safety Knife Pocket
    • Mystic Double Bladed Hook Knife
    • Bonus "Cash Back" WindBone Kiteboarding Coupon Codes -good towards new kite or board purchase)
    • Ready-To-Ride
Sizes in stock: Extra-Large (XL), Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S)
-(Select Sizes Below)

Color: Army / Camo [615] (as in pics)

**Other Sizes/Colors/Models may be in stock or can special order - Contact Us for details or requests..

Mystic Warrior 2014

The 2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Waist Harness continues to be the top selling and top performing harness around the world, and it's back and better than ever. Making for the most comfortable and strongest harness available, for maximum reliability comfort and support in the most extreme conditions. Megaloops, powerful freestyle or pure freeriding, anything's possible with the New Warrior.

Stylish support that you can count on.
    • 3D-Thermo Molded Foam Interior and Exterior
    • Anatomical Back Support
    • Double Power Leash Ring
    • Detachable Fixed HP Leash System
    • Spreader Down System
    • Covered Side Part
    • Flex Edge
    • Clicker Spreader Bar Pad with front knife pocket.
    • New lighter materials
    • Battle Belt Waist Closure with TL
    • Spreader Protector / Padding
    • Clicker Bar 3.0 with Low Torque Fixation
    • Included accessory: Mystic Double Bladed Hook Knife
    • Included accessory: Fixed Handle Pass Leash System
Color: Army / Camo [615] (as in pics)

Available sizes in stock: S, M, L, & XL
**Other Sizes/Colors/Models may be in stock or can special ordered -Contact Us for details or requests..

Size Range:
XSmall: 28"-30"
Small: 30"-32"
Medium: 32"-34"
Large: 34"-36"
XLarge: 36"-38"
XXLarge: 38"-40"

Mystic makes the most technical and visually appealing products for board sports and the 2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Waist Harness is leading the pack!

Mystic Double Bladed Hook Knife:

This is the premium stainless steel safety knife without plastic parts, and with the double blade. Both features very important so the knife doesn't break, and the blades are efficient. The ultimate knife to be used as addition / upgrade to your existing equipment.

Designed specially to work with the Mystic harnesses integrated pockets, as well as any other harness with the optional pocket pouch or strap. **Included Accessory..

- Cuts lines and webbing

- Stainless Steel blade

- All metal knife - no plastic parts!

- Double stainless steel blades!

Mystic Fixed Handlepass System:

Upgrades your harness with a leash system on the back that will help the kite leash slide during rotations and other tricks. no more tangles when your kite leash is only connected to the D-Rings. The Fixed Mystic Handlepass System is also used as a handle for the back of the harness connecting from D-Ring to D-Ring. The ideal accessory for the Mystic harnesses **Included Accessory..

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2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Waist Harness Detailed Pics
(click on pics below to be taken to a gallery with additional pics/resolution):
2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Harness



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2014 Mystic Warrior Kitesurfing Waist Harness from WindBone Kiteboarding your Mystic Kiteboarding Specialists..

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